Safire and Dre Wolf at Living Legends IV 2011

Safire and Wolf cross paths on their way to final battle.

It’s been an issue for as long as I have played. There just aren’t any good resources out there that focus on clothing, gear,  or tactics that are focused specifically on girls. The final straw was showing people pictures of me at events and looking like all the rest of the sweaty boys. While its flattering to be on the same level as the guys and treated as an equal there are a few things that that just bother the heck out of me. CLOTHING! Boys tactical clothing is so uncomfortable I can barely breathe with that super high waist line, and as small as I am, it is extremely hard to find a pair of pants, shirt, vest, you name it, that I don’t have to modify or tighten up to the point where I look like a package that has been wrapped up wrong with all the ends hanging out! Lets face it Men’s clothing is cut for a square frame and we have curves.  I believe we can be both aggressive and feminine at the same time so why not show that on the field? We can look good and celebrate our ability to compete with boys on their level.


I started my journey into women’s paintball fashions by starting with hair clips. The simplest thing I could come up with that allowed me to show my feminine side (it’s hard to find camouflage silk flowers!) My latest creation is the tactical Multicam battle skirt that I premiered at Living Legends IV. Not only was there no mistaking I was a girl but while wearing it I didn’t have a single ball break or welt from a bounce from my waist to mid thigh!  There is nothing like charging a bunker with multiple players in it and watching the majority of the shots bounce off while they get frustrated!